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Introducing: Offbeat

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Offbeat is a musicians’ collective, formed by five band leaders: Bob Wijnen, Cătălin Milea, Ellister van der Molen, Jens Kerkhoff and Mick Paauwe, presenting individual projects as well as group initiatives. The power of Offbeat lies in its members, who complement each other as both artists and entrepeneurs.

We introduced Offbeat at the Ujazz festival in Utrecht: Cătălin and Ellister transformed a collective improvisation into a light hearted jazz quiz. We organized our first event in the Amsterdam Badcuyp, with the Bob Wijnen/Dezron Douglas Duo, the Romanian Jazz Collective and the Unity project.  At conferences like Jazzahead, we show the world our events, our individual projects, our musicianship and our way of bringing people together.

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