Bob Wijnen

BW-NYCUnforeseen-cover500x500Bob Wijnen is a pianist of great sensitivity and depth. Much in demand as an accompanist, he is known for having some of the best ears around, as well as being an elegant and adventurous soloist who has absorbed a great deal of the history of jazz piano, Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes funk. Tasteful yet adventurous playing is what Wijnen strives for in his performance.

After touring Indonesia, the USA, Germany, the UK and Ireland and having recorded albums with many projects, like his current bands Triplicate and Equinox, Wijnen decided it was time to take a big step forward. This inner urge, or as Wijnen calls it, this Call of the Wild, led him to the making of his first album “NYC Unforeseen” together with Peter Bernstein, Dezron Douglas and Billy Drummond, recorded in the great capital of jazz: New York.

“Bob Wijnen is a fine pianist, who has honed his own swinging, lyrical voice as a player and composer.”
– David Berkman

“Everything sounds terrific. NYC Unforeseen is delivered with unforced confidence, reflecting, no doubt, the very nature of its creator.”
– Dan Bilawsky, All about Jazz