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Jazz? Pop? Latin? Funk? …BONGOMATIK !

Bongomatik is a young nine-piece band, based in the Netherlands. They describe their music as an ‘extremely refreshing and danceable mix of Cuban soul, desert grooves, Bombay boogie and twelve tone funk’
The debut album was released in 2011 and generated a lot of attention with a hit in the Colombian charts, airplay, great reviews, and a nomination for ‘Video of the Year’ for the Jazz Journalists Association Awards.
November 2013 the second album ‘Bongomatik Your Life’ was released.
On this new album you can hear how Bongomatik has evolved in a mature way. The 13 original compositions each have a fresh new sound and have a strong live feel. All the tracks were recorded live in the studio by the entire rhythm section. No overdubs on solo’s and tricky bits: what you hear is what you get.

Bongomatik is not only the name of this band; it’s just the best way to describe their music.

Bongomatik is:
Yumarya Grijt aka ChiChi Zaagsel – vocals
Alberto Caicedo aka Beto – vocals, trombone, percussion
Xiomara Virdo aka Ксения Вла